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The vVARDIS Collection brings together everything you need for a complete revitalizing and anti-aging ritual that strengthens, brightens and protects your teeth for a long-lasting, young and healthy smile.

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● Four signature products in an elegant presentation box
● Enriched with our patented Hydroxya-Peptide 500 Formula and Senolytic Hydroxya-Peptide 200 Formula and Zinc-Peptide 20 Complex
● Tooth Anti-Aging Ritual to create New White Enamel
● Whitens without irritating existing sensitivities
● Gentle on teeth and gums
● Whitens up to 10 shades in 7 days without stripping
● Peroxide free formula, no enamel erosion
● Whitens also fillings, ceramic crowns and veneers
● Nourishes and whitens your teeth
● Teeth noticeably whiter and brighter
● Silky-smooth feeling on teeth
● Protects against stains
● Protects teeth from discoloration
● Color irregularities on teeth (white and yellow spots) disappear or become less visible
● Vegan, clean, cruelty-free and sustainable
● Recommended by dentists
● Made in Switzerland

How to use

In the morning:

  • 1. Thirty minutes after eating, apply a pea-sized amount of White Enamel Anti-aging toothpaste to the White Enamel Anti-aging toothbrush.2. Brush your teeth and gums gently for two full minutes.3. Finish by brushing your tongue.4. Rinse with one-half capful of Enamel Highlighter Mouthwash for all-day freshness andbrightening.

At bedtime:

  • 1. Apply a pea-sized amount of White Enamel Anti-aging toothpaste to the White Enamel Anti-aging toothbrush and brush teeth and gums gently for two full minutes and finish by brushing your tongue.2. Apply White Enamel Anti-aging Serum according to directions as often as needed to achieve and maintain desired results.3. Don’t eat or drink for at least 30 minutes after you apply White Enamel Anti-aging Serum.