Our Story


Our journey began in Dubai, UAE where we as dental professionals wanted to find a simple way to connect our patients with the best oral wellness products available in the international market

After researching the local market we realized that products that we valued and recommended the most were either unavailable or difficult to find for our consumers and this was the catalyst to creating Ora.

Ora creates an online experience to get the most recommended, innovative and effective oral wellness products from around the world directly to you as conveniently and efficiently as possible.

By doing this, we can improve every aspect of your experience, from selection to delivery, and provide the best service at the best price, without compromise.

We are Ora, the modern bridge between you and your dental professional and this is just the beginning.

Our promise

Align with oral wellness  advice and put what’s best for your teeth before all else Never stop improving our selection of products that are innovative and effective Strive to be your one-stop-shop for oral health products