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Data Protection Statement

This data protection statement describes how we at Ora Health Care gather, save, and use information relating to individual users of this website. When you visit this The personal data that you give when you first register are used for identification and authentication purposes for all our services. You can therefore use the same sign-on data no matter where you are or which device you are using. Thanks to the overall single sign-on, our systems are able to identify you regardless of your location. This means that you do not have to re-register when you want to use our web service or are travelling in another country.

Ora Health

Ora uses your personal data to perform orders and contracts, including to send confirmations of orders and forwarding, delivery confirmations, and to make deliveries and invoicing.In addition, your information is used to check your age to confirm that you have the minimum legal age, to ensure compliance with the minimum legal age requirements for online purchasing or other purposes related to the applicable data protection and/or distribution laws. Moreover, your personal data may be used for organizing and carrying out customer service tasks, e.g., after you use the contact form to get in touch with Ora Health

Improving Ora

Health products and services uses your personal data to create a profile that helps us understand how Ora Health’s products and services are used so that we can develop more interesting and relevant products and services and tailor them to your needs.

Communication Services and Other Requested Products or Services

Ora Health uses your personal data to prepare, manage and carry out customer communications by post or by electronic communications media. Moreover, we use your information to prepare the requested products or services (e.g., e-mail newsletter, advertising campaigns, raffles, contests, participation in events (e.g., AEEDC, DUFAT Events), etc.

Comment Feature

If you use the comment feature that may be available on certain Ora Health Store websites, your selected user name and the date and time of posting will be stored and displayed next to your comment on the website. We also log and store your IP address. The IP address is saved for tracking purposes in the event that third-party rights are infringed by a comment made or illegal content is posted. If a third party complains of content you have published and our examination confirms that it is unlawful, you will be contacted at the e-mail address you have specified. Ora Health deletes comments that are complained of as unlawful by third parties. You can opt into following the replies to your comment or follow-up comments. To opt in, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to validate your e-mail address (Double Opt-In process). Your option to participate in ongoing comments can be revoked at any time with effect for the future. Further information about how to opt out will be provide in the confirmation e-mail or Ora Health website.

Marketing Activities and Events

In addition, in line with applicable law and where appropriate, Ora Health may process your personal data and personal data of third parties for the following purposes, which are in our (or, as the case may be, any third parties') legitimate interest, such as:

  • Sending of advertising, newsletters or advertising mailings.
  • Organizing and holding special occasions such as events and advertising events;
  • To prevent unnecessary advertising thanks to the findings from the analysis of customer behaviour, for customized and individualized direct marketing;
  • Individualized and personal and/or anonymous and group-related identification, classification and analysis of current and potential customer needs and interests;
  • Individualized and personal and/or anonymous and group-related classification and analysis of customer behaviour and potential.
  • Statistical analysis of customer behaviour based on anonymized customer data.
  • Support service related to the Ora Health website
  • To protect the rights and property of Ora Health customers and of third parties.
  • To enforce the Ora Health Terms of Use that you have accepted or other applicable rules.

Order Processing and Credit Checks

Your data may be transferred by Pharmapal Drug Store LLC (MAISON DENTAIRE):
  • When companies perform services for Pharmapal Drug Store LLC (MAISON DENTAIRE), e.g., parcel delivery, payment processing or customer service jobs, to the extent that the data transfer is necessary for the delivery of goods or services:
    • Parcel shipment and delivery may be handled by forwarding agents such as the Emirates Post, DHL, DPD, UPS, etc.
    • If you give your express consent in the ordering process, your e-mail address may be communicated [to the forwarding agent] prior to product delivery so that you can agree on a delivery date or receive an announcement of delivery. Otherwise, the recipient's name and delivery address will be given to the forwarding agent for delivery purposes but only to the extent necessary for product delivery. In that case, you will not be able to agree on the delivery date in advance with the forwarding agent or request delivery status information. You may revoke your authorization with effect for the future by addressing the data controller (see item 1 above).
  • To the extent necessary for payment processing, your payment data may be forwarded to the credit institution engaged for payment processing. Such data shall be forwarded only to the extent necessary for payment processing.

You may object to the processing of your data at any time by sending a message to the data controller or the credit institution, but Ora Health or the credit institution, where applicable, shall retain the right to process your personal data, to the extent necessary to process your payment according to the contract.

Analysis and Marketing Activities

Ora Health will transfer your data to third parties:
  • Order to be able to send direct marketing with your consent or in our legitimate interests (see item 6 below);
  • You have not limited the use of cookies when opening the Ora Health Store) website,) will use analytical tools and services of third parties to perform online marketing or web analytics (see item 7 below);
  • If you ask Ora Health to forward your personal data to third-party websites or platforms, such as social networking websites. Please note that after the transmission of your personal data for marketing purposes to another company, the data received by the other company is subject to the data protection practices of that other company (see item 8 below).

Use of personal data for direct marketing

Signing up for the e-Mail Newsletter:
  • When entering your e-mail-address, you have the option of signing up for various e-mail newsletters (e.g., about products, product news, job vacancies, etc.) of Ora Health in order to receive regular information about our offers or job vacancies. Providing further information, e.g., your first and last names, is optional and will be used so that we can address you personally.
  • The newsletters will not be sent to you until you have entered your e-mail address and clicked on the link in the confirmation e-mail that will be sent to you (Double Opt-in process). By clicking on the confirmation link, you inform Ora Health your authorization to use your personal data. To keep a record of your consent, Ora Health stores your IP address and the date time of your consent.
  • Each e-mail Newsletter contains a link that lets you unsubscribe from the mailing list. Alternatively, you may contact the data protection officer (see item 1). Your personal data will then be deleted, unless further use of the data is permitted by law.
Mailing of the E-mail Newsletter to Existing Customers:
  • Ora Health processes personal data of you and other persons, which may also come from publicly accessible sources, to the extent permitted and deemed appropriate to us, also for advertising and marketing purposes or for the purpose of customer acquisition in which we (and sometimes also third parties) have a justified interest corresponding to the purpose.
  • Hence, Ora Health is permitted by law to send you by post or e-mail regular offers for products or services from our range similar to the items you purchased, even without your explicit consent, if you provided your e-mail address to Ora Health Store when purchasing goods or services.
  • You are entitled, at any time with effect for the future, to prohibit your postal or e-mail address being used for the above-described marketing purpose by clicking on the link in the e-mail to remove yourself from the mailing list, or by sending a message to