Curaprox Ultra Soft Kids Toothbrush

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Gentle, highly effective cleaning teeth surface. Comes in six cool colours for kids aged 4 to 12, Smaller head, more filament.

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Curaprox Kids Toothbrush was precisely engineered and made in Switzerland in order to provide childrenwith the best possible tool for their dental care. It features a smaller octagonal handle that fits nicely into children’s hands, and a compact brush head that can reach into the farthest corners of their mouth. Plus, it’s available in six cool colors!
Based on our iconic CS 5460 brush. With an extra small brush head and 5,500 Curen® filaments tightly packed together to give gentle, exceptional, cleaning power. 

* Developed for children ages 4-12
* Extra small brush head for exceptionally accurate brushing
* 5,500 Curen® filaments, .09mm each
* Octagonal handle for the correct angle
* Incredibly soft, gentle and effective
* 6 Color Choices.