Swiss Smile Pearl Shine Dental conditioner (30ml)

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The opalescent crystals of the Mother of Pearl bond to damaged teeth surfaces for sparkling fortification. It forms a crystalline layer around the teeth, radiating the smile with a scintillating shine.

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Conditioning usually exists within the context of haircare, a biphasic self-care ritual. Shampoo produces a rich lather, abolishing dirt and oil. Conditioner provides deep nourishment, repairing hair for a healthy, glossy finish. Complementary to the oral care routine, Pearl Shine reinforces the work of a swiss smile toothpaste. As a dental conditioner it follows cleansing, restoring essential minerals to strengthen teeth, while embellishing them with a pearlescent sheen. Hydroxyapatite, extracted from mother-of-pearl, services the enamel, filling in every recess for a smooth, fortified surface. Also suffused within the elite Pearl Shine formula are protective botanical extracts that ameliorate oral health.

Portable pearlescent protection
Pearl Shine is not only a conditioning tooth treatment to follow toothpaste, but a trusted companion to refresh your mouth while on-the-go. An advanced liquid preparation, the dental conditioner is dispensed as a fine foam through the bottle’s specially designed pump. In the absence of water and a toothbrush, Pearl Shine can be squirted directly into the mouth and gently swished around. As the foam glides over teeth and gums, its compact bubbles burst, releasing the pearlescent protection. Pearl Shine is the perfect portable pick-me-up to freshen up ahead of your next meeting, dinner date, or intimate soirée.