Queen Of Clean Dispenser: 2 x 50m rolls WHITE Tape

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A luxurious, refillable dental floss. Wafer thin but also soft and wide tapes designed to stop your frustrations about flossing and get you smiling! Plus, it will look great in your bathroom.

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QUEEN OF CLEAN has been designed to improve your oral hygiene by explaining it simply, in a fun way. Developed by a dental health professional who listened (for 20 years) to the everyday persons’ frustrations with flossing, and decided to do something about it.

Finally, there is a luxurious wafer thin but also soft and wide tapes designed to stop you cursing and get you smiling! For the first time ever, precise instructions are enclosed to dispense the frustrations about flossing. learn how length is everything.

• Easy to use.
• Recommended by Dental Professionals.
• Wide makes it effective / Thin makes it easy to use.
• Seriously tough tape.
• Minty and delivate on the gums.
• Environmentally friendly, uniquely refillable.                                                                          • PFAS free

Watch "How to Use" video to optimize your oral care regimen. Master the techniques
that promote healthy teeth and gums, ensuring your daily routine is both effective and enjoyable.