Premium oral hygiene set for both

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Ultimate Kit Elevate the entire oral care experience.

For Him 1. Manfloss dental floss
2. Curaprox electric toothbrush
3. Curaprox whitening toothpaste

For Her: 1. Queen of clean dental floss
2. Curaprox electric toothbrush
3. Snow White whitening toothpaste
4. Pearl Shine Dental Conditioner

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The set contains:

Full Package for Him & Her

- 2 Luxurious Dental Floss: Experience the luxury of premium dental floss wafer thin but also soft and wide tapes for the maximum effective and gentle oral care.

- Black is white toothpaste. gently whitens with activated carbon which simply absorbs unattractive, discoloured particles. Refreshingly lemony. No SLS, triclosan. No bleaching agents or plastic particles. Can be used as a regular toothpaste without any limitations.

- Snow White Toothpaste: Achieve a radiant smile with a specially formulated toothpaste designed for enhanced brightness.

-2 Electric Toothbrush: Soft CUREN® Filaments for the most effective removal of stains. And gentle daily whitening. designed to remove biofilm, stains and enhance the brightness of your smile.

- Teeth Conditioner: Protect against stains, ensuring a lasting and vibrant smile.

Ultimate Kit Elevate the entire oral care experience, thoughtfully packaged for a touch of joy.