Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro Sonic Toothbrush - Electric Toothbrush for Adults

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Electric powered toothbrush
3 Sophisticated brush heads. Up to 84,000 wonderfully gentle brush movements a minute. It’s a joy for your gumline and for those hard-to-reach spots.

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It envelopes each tooth individually for optimum cleaning around braces, bridges, and implants.
Seven different cleaning levels, just one button.
The Hydrosonic Pro cleans from 44,000 to 84,000 brush strokes a minute.
Three innovative brush heads – Sensitive, Power, and Single – clean effectively and gentle.
Quiet, but powerful: 60 minutes brushing from one charge.
Innovative sonic technology and hydrodynamic effect provide professional teeth cleaning.
This sonic toothbrush is also made for patients with braces or implants.

Items included:
• 1× Hydrosonic pro handle
• 1x ‘sensitive’ brush head
• 1x ‘power’ brush head
• 1x ‘single’ brush head
• 1 x Charging station and USB Power Plug
• 1 x travel case
• 1x operating manual
Watch step-by-step "How to Use" video to optimize your oral care regimen. Master the techniques
that promote healthy teeth and gums, ensuring your daily routine is both effective and enjoyable.