Interdental Brush Set Prime Start, Size 07 Red

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So what’s the secret to exceptional cleanliness in those difficult-to-reach narrow spaces between the teeth? Super-fine, extra-long, ultra-resilient filaments. Gentle and effective cleaning with a single-brush action. Once a day.

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5 interdental brushes CPS 07 prime + 1 holder UHS 409 + 1 holder UHS 470

These interdental brushes can clean even the narrowest interdental space, and are among the finest available, providing effective prevention against inflammation and bad breath. Once a day is all it takes. The CPS 07 prime is the second-finest CPS prime interdental brush.

Thanks to the click system, any Curaprox interdental brush will fit in any holder. Simply click out the old brush, click in the new one, and carry on cleaning your interdental spaces. Refill packs are available for all our interdental brushes. Highly convenient, with less plastic waste.

Space-filling, gentle and effective: Curaprox interdental brushes clean every inch of the critical interdental space, effectively and with no risk of injury. They are so effective, a single cleaning movement is enough – once in and out. Done. leans every inch of the critical interdental space with no risk of injury.

Refill packs are available for all Curaprox interdental cleaning brushes.
5 x 0.7mm - 2.5mm Interdental Brushes + 2 Interdental holders
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