Interdental Brush Refill Prime, Size 11, 8 Pcs. Lime Green

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Refill Packaging with 8 CPS 11 prime interdental brushes

8 Count - 8 x 1.1mm - 5mm Internal Toothbrushes.

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Refill Packaging with 8 pieces CPS 011 prime interdental brushes

Probably the finest ever interdental brushes. CPS prime brushes can clean in very narrow interdental spaces… helping to prevent gum inflammation and bad breath as well as reducing plastic waste.

Once a day is all it takes.These are the finest little brushes on the market with unsurpassed durability. A CPS 011 prime is the biggest size of CPS-interdental brush and fits into bigger spaces. The click system means that your personal, favourite holders can be used – to combat caries in the side teeth, gingivitis and periodontitis particularly easily and effectively. The quality of CPS prime makes a single cleaning movement sufficient: once in and out. Done.
8 Count - 8 x 1.1mm - 5mm Internal Toothbrushes.