Curaprox Black is White Hydrosonic Pro Sonic Toothbrush - Electric Toothbrush for Adults

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Soft CUREN® Filaments coated in activated charcoal. for the most effective removal of stains. And gentle daily whitening.

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Go carbon with our new and improved Black is white hydrosonic. Now with carbon brush heads but still as gentle as ever! Black is the new white. The new and improved hydrosonic toothbrush from Curaprox combines performance and design to perfection. All you expect from Curaprox and so much more. The Black is white hydrosonic toothbrush offers a sleek ergonomic, electric solution that boasts state-of-the-art technology: designed with a matt Black finish and a magenta coloured button navigating through settings with intuitive, one-button operation. As with all our toothbrushes, this new brush features ultra-fine CUREN filaments that are coated with activated carbon particles for gentle everyday tooth whitening: innovative CUREN carbon filaments gently remove discolouration without damaging the enamel. Curacurve ergonomics make it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas. Brush head filaments arranged in a tear drop shape for optimal cleaning tooth by tooth. Enjoy over 60 minutes of brushing from one USB charge.

Set Contains:

• 1 Black is White Hydrosonic Toothbrush 
• 2 Carbon Brush Heads 
• 1 Charging Station with USB Cable 
• 1 USB Power Plug 
• 1 Travel Case 
• 1 Operating Manual
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