BIOMIN F Toothpaste - for Sensitive Teeth with Slow Release Fluoride, (75 ml)

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Unflavored, Natural, Vegan. Reduces sensitivity and eases the effects of teeth whitening and post scaling. Bioglass technology delivers a continuous but low level of fluoride for up to 12 hours after brushing. BIOMIN F increases its level of protection as sugary foods and drinks are consumed – ideal for children!

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  • BioMin™ F Toothpaste is formulated with patented bio-glass technology, enriched with Fluorapatite, Calcium and Phosphate ions. Its slow-release formula delivers up to 12 hours of enamel protection and remineralization, creating armour twice as strong as natural tooth enamel. For best results, brush for two minutes without rinsing. Experience lasting oral health protection with this revolutionary toothpaste. Fluoride content <600ppm when packed, do not use if allergic to any ingredients.