DR MARK'S HyGenie - Replacement Brush

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Dr Mark’s HyGenie® is the simple solution for cleaning your dentures, night guard or Invisalign®. Clean & protect clear aligners (invisalign), retainers, dentures, night guards, sports mouth guards or any other removable dental appliance

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You replace your toothbrush regularly - what about your denture toothbrush? With daily use, you should replace the brush bristles on your SureGrip Denture Brush every 6 months. Simply peel the old brush off the ergo handle and replace with a new brush in just 60 seconds. A new brush head every 6 months will keep your SureGrip Brush - brushing perfectly. The SureGrip brush is self-cleaning and self-drying
• TPE, Silicon composite bristles repel water and bacteria
• Last 6+ months with daily use
• Easy to replace in about 60 seconds
• Replacement instructions included (and on Dr Mark’s YouTube channel)
• Designed by Dental Professionals in Australia

1 replacement brush head and user guide.
Watch "How to Use" video to optimize your oral care regimen. Master the techniques
that promote healthy teeth and gums, ensuring your daily routine is both effective and enjoyable.