Curaprox Travel-Set Pink. Set includes Travel Toothbrush CS 5460, 10ml Be You Toothpaste, Interdental Brush CPS prime 07, CPS prime 09.

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Introducing the BEST in on-the-go oral care: The Curaprox Travel Set! Maintain healthy, beautifully whitened teeth – wherever you are in the world.ORAL CARE, ANYWHERE!

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An exceptional, compact travel toothbrush, 10ml zesty fresh whitening toothpaste and two interdental brushes with a handy holder. The ultimate Curaprox oral health care.

No compromise on style. No compromise on oral health. Your favourite Curaprox products in your suitcase, your hand luggage – or in your pocket. This vibrant, stylish travel kit measures just 9.5 cm x 6 cm.


• CS 5460 travel toothbrush: Relentless on plaque. Relentlessly gentle on your teeth and gums

• Curaprox Be you toothpaste Challenger Gin Tonic + Persimmon, 10ml: Protects and cares for teeth and gums. Gently and effectively whitens

• CPS prime interdental brushes, size 07-red & 09-yellow: Effective brushing in the spaces between your teeth

Free from harmful substances such as bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates or azo dyes.