Curaprox Travel-Set blue. Set includes Travel Toothbrush CS 5460, 10ml Be You Toothpaste, Interdental Brush CPS prime 07, CPS prime 09.

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Introducing the BEST in on-the-go oral care: The Curaprox Travel Set! Maintain healthy, beautifully whitened teeth – wherever you are in the world.ORAL CARE, ANYWHERE!

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Embrace a new level of convenience and freshness. Our stylish Swiss-made travel set is specially designed to keep your smile radiant and your breath irresistibly fresh, no matter where life takes you. Your favorite Curaprox products in your suitcase, your hand luggage – or in your pocket.

This vibrant, stylish blue travel kit measures just 9.5 cm x 6 cm.

Bring along an exceptional, compact travel toothbrush, 10ml zesty fresh Peach+Apricot flavored whitening toothpaste, and two interdental brushes with a handy holder.


• CS 5460 travel toothbrush: Relentless on plaque. Relentlessly gentle on your teeth and gums. Replaceable brush heads so both the environment AND your teeth will be happy!
• Curaprox Be You Toothpaste in Peach+Apricot Flavor, 10ml: Protects and cares for teeth and gums. Gently and effectively whitens.
• CPS Prime Interdental Brushes, size 07-Red & 09-Yellow: Effortlessly reach those tricky spaces between your teeth, even when you're away from your bathroom sink
Free from harmful substances such as bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates or azo dyes.