How To Use Solo Technique

Single Toothbrush a cionados love making those precise, gentle movements along the gumline – cleaning in places where it hardly seems possible. Even between teeth and braces, brackets or retainers, crowns and veneers


Because all the hard work is carried out by a single tuft. Which is why it’s perfect for tooth-by-tooth and gumline cleaning. It’s the ultimate way to clean your teeth. It’s time to spend a bit of quality time with yourself.

CS single and chill. It takes a little practice to master those precise, gentle movements along the gumline. Once perfected, it’s the ultimate way to brush. Happy brushers do it while reading Facebook or watching a movie. CLEAN THE RIGHT WAY It's just like Miswak techniques!!

Curaprox developed the CS single specically for this brushing method – known as ‘the solo technique

  • 1. Guide the CS single along your gumline with precise, gentle, movements. almost without any pressure.
  • 3. Carefully move the laments of the brush head so they’re just touching the gumline.
  • 2. Hold your brush vertically and apply to one side of the tooth’s surface
  • 4. Now move the CS single with precise, gentle, “shaking” movements along the gumline – from one side of the tooth to the other

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