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Senolytic Hydroxya-Peptide 200 Formula for creatingday after day new silky smooth white enamel. Yourdaily anti-aging ritual.

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• Helps repair and strengthen tooth enamel
• Peroxide free formula, no enamel erosion
• Gentle on sensitive teeth and gums
• Whitens up to 10 shades with regular usage without stripping
• Whitens also fillings, ceramic crowns and veneers
• Silky-smooth feeling on teeth
• Creates a freshly polished glow
• Anti-cavity
• Enriched with fluoride
• Protects teeth from acid foods and drinks
• Protects teeth from stains and discoloration
• Color irregularities on teeth (white and yellow spots) disappear or become less visible
• Vegan, clean, cruelty-free and sustainable
• Recommended by dentists
• Made in Switzerland

We recommend that you use White Enamel Anti-aging toothpaste in the morning 30 minutes after eating and again at bedtime. But, of course, you can brush your teeth as often as you like.

1. Apply a pea-sized amount of White Enamel Anti-aging toothpaste to your White Enamel Anti-aging toothbrush.

2. Brush your teeth and gums thoroughly for two full minutes.

3. Finish by brushing your tongue. While we recommend brushing with White Enamel Anti-aging toothpaste daily, you will see noticeable results using White Enamel Anti-aging toothpaste just twice per week.